Technical Sprays


Technical Sprays

CLS Code/ Finixa Code


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•CLS 748 / TSP 110
•CLS 749 / TSP 120
•CLS 751 / TSP 130
•CLS 752 / TSP 140

• Universal primer/filler in white, light grey, grey and dark grey suitable to finish with all solvent and water based 1K and 2K paints. Can be applied on all surfaces, ideal for fast repairs after sanding too hard. Also ideal for spot or panel repair, especially for smaller surfaces. Apply fine layers.
• you desire a thick layer: first apply 1 full layer at a distance of 30-35cm and afterwards finish with a crosswise layer at a distance of 20cm.
• All primer/fillers sprays have a special nozzle which sprays a flat vertical pattern, comparable to a spray gun. Primer with a high viscosity: shake the can very well before the first use.