High performance protection saving significant cost in vehicle damage


Developed for the modern day vehicle with the professional technician in mind, Crosslink offers the very latest in long lasting vehicle protection covers.

As an example, the all new Tec-protect one-fits-all complete frontal interior cover, is made of one piece ENSTEX extremely durable, hardwearing textile, covering the full front seats, centre console and front foot-well areas.


Tec-protect is impervious to primer and fluid spills.


The centre console has been taken into account in the design, especially for modern day vehicles, where the console normally is at a higher level than the seating area.

Mounting of seat cover takes only seconds.

With no metal damageable hooks, or even Velcro needed, in mounting and retaining the position of this exceptional frontal cover.

Tec-protect Interior Cover


Dashboard cover


Please note: Company logos can be added to both covers at small additional charge.

To complete the range, Crosslink is proud to introduce the new universal dashboard cover.

This unique one size fits all, dashboard cover consists of two separate pieces, which adhere to each other with Velcro.

The width can be changed depending of the vehicle.

There are 4 separate lead weights which keep the product in place, therefore not intruding in anyway the removal process of the broken windscreen

As like the all-in-one front seat cover, this highly durable dashboard cover can be washed in the washing machine, as and when required.

Tec-protect pricing

All prices plus VAT Tec-protect cover Tec-protect cover Combined set
Crosslink Code CLS 600 CLS 601 CLS 602
Quantity Dashboard cover Seat, console & floor cover Both covers
1 to 5 £ 68.11 £ 72.27 £ 140.38
6 to 15 £ 64.33 £ 67.45 £ 131.79
16 to 30 £ 56.50 £ 60.66 £ 117.17
31 + above £ 51.95 £ 55.07 £ 107.02
Company brand logos can be made for orders of 10 and above as follows
Embroidery: Set up cost £65.00 + £4.80 each per item
Printed (stick on logo) : Set up cost £65.00 + £3.25 each per item

Wet primer impervious tests

Wet primer additional test