Vehicle Glass Replacement


Vehicle Glass Replacement

APPLICATION: Vehicle glass removal process

Recommendation: Hella Mega Macs 42SE Vehicle fault scan
Key Values:

  • Reads faults via EXU’s on current & future vehicle types (ability to print out for customer acceptance) prior to glass removal process
  • Provides actuation facility for anti-pinch door glass and wiper resets
  • Eliminates potential for customer complaints on vehicle faults
  • Confirmation of all vehicle systems in use after install
  • Ability to potentially rectify and clear vehicle faults
  • Records for traceability, last 200 jobs completed
  • Provides a professional quality technical approach
  • Future proof for all new future vehicles due to update program

APPLICATION: Vehicle glass removal process

Recommendation: Wibotec cut out
Key Values:

  • Single technician glass removal system without the high cost
  • As close to traditional methods of removal, but without blade damage to aperture or technician
  • Effective for new vehicles where glass to aperture is very tight
  • Uses very low amount of wire
  • Easy to use as the Wibotec operation is from vehicle exterior
  • Saves time in having to trim back PU and or re-prime bare-metal
  • Low investment cost

APPLICATION: Cleaning & adhesion promoting

Recommendation: BOND-WIPES
Key Values:

  • High cleaning robustness
  • Positively changes surface tension prior to bonding
  • Lint free and non-abrasive
  • Reduces VOC’s & solvent count
  • Effective in all conditions
  • Available in 150 wipes canisters & economic refills
  • Monitor-able in use
  • Ability to be used down at -15 Degrees Celsius and even lower temps

APPLICATION: Adhesive dispensing made easy

Recommendation: Meritool PowerPush 5026 cordless dispenser
Key Values:

  • High power out-put in all climates
  • Great balance and ergonomic
  • Advanced gearing and speed control system
  • Non friction clear barrel with waste saving ‘Super Piston’
  • Non foil wrapping / snagging extrusion design
  • Long lasting battery life and quick charging
  • Auto retraction for non-drip use

APPLICATION: Single technician lifting device

Recommendation: Lil-Buddy HD Pro One
Key Values:

  • Either vehicle side install and make the tool extremely versatile!
  • Including heavy duty titanium slider, to handle up to 70lbs (almost 32kg) windscreen weight or back-glass
  • Non oiling ‘Abec’ bearing
  • Built with stainless steel & heavy duty plastics for a lifetime of use
  • Feature new measuring system, carrying case, manual & DVD

APPLICATION: Mirror bosh & sensor bracket bonding

PRODUCT: Acralock SA10:05
Key Values:

  • No priming or aerosol activator required
  • 5-8 minute fixture time
  • Extremely high strength and bonds to multitude of substrates
  • Accurate injection due to precision nozzle
  • Multi use system, as it comes in re-sealable 10ml syringe
  • Low odour & works at low temps
  • A very affordable solution

APPLICATION: Front facing camera & sensor calibration

Recommendation: Hella Camera & Sensor Calibration tool
Key Values:

  • Accurate calibration of camera based driver assist systems
  • Ability to be used with a wide range of vehicle types
  • Future proof with Maga Macs diagnostic tool
  • Modular in use with the typical calibration achieved in 15 minutes
  • Meets latest technology in calibration alignment

Calibrates following systems:

  • Lane departure and lane keep assist cameras, adaptive lighting systems
  • Automatic distance control (adaptive cruise control) systems
  • Adds value: Necessary & chargeable service for modern vehicles

APPLICATION: Hand cleaning & conditioning

Recommendation: Handclenz HD active hand-wipes
Key Values:

  • Designed for heavy duty removal of adhesives, sealants, paints
  • Smooth scrub textile enables cleaning inside pores
  • Technician size wipe (230 x 230mm)
  • Available in 150 wipe tubs and economic refills
  • Excellent for cleaning tools and equipment