Accident Repairs Specialists


APPLICATION: Diagnostics

Recommendation: Global diagnostic scan (Hella Mega Macs)
Key Values:

  • Identify key faults & parameters, pre, during & post repair
  • Provides professional quality approach throughout repair
  • Regular updates for new vehicles types coming into carpark
  • Actuations to ensure key functions are correctly working
  • Eliminates customer complaints further on
  • Records for traceability last 500 jobs

APPLICATION: Camera & Radar (ADAS) calibrations

Recommendation: ADAS Camera & Sensor calibration tool
Key Values:

  • Successful recalibration of ADAS systems 
  • Lane departure warning, lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking & adaptive cruise functions etc
  • Ability for repairer to recalibrate to factory restore condition
  • Provides definitive proof of correctly functions systems
  • Regular software updates for new ADAS vehicles coming into carpark
  • Records for traceability last 500 jobs

APPLICATION: Cleaning & Degreasing

Recommendation: PREP-WIPES (active wipes)
Key Values:

  • High cleaning effectiveness
  • Lint free and non abrasive active wipes
  • Fast in flash off
  • Water based option in Prep-wipe Enviro
  • Available in technician cans & refills

APPLICATION: Structural Bonding with Acralock

Recommendation: Acralock SA range
Key Values:

  • High strength, fast curing
  • Ability to withstand dynamic stress
  • Primerless in application
  • Cold extrude-ability
  • Excellent working time options
  • No read (print) through
  • Available in 50ml sets and large 490ml cartridge sets

APPLICATION: Hem flange sealing

Recommendation: CROSSFLEX Elastomeric sealers
Key Values:

  • Excellent sealing qualities with elongation
  • High gap filling properties
  • Primerless
  • Over-paintable
  • No read (print) through
  • Various colour options
  • Developed in new 600ml sausage packs with hand & airguns

APPLICATION: Spray-able & brush-able sealing

Recommendation: Crossflex Spray
Key Values:

  • Spray-able and brush-able formulation
  • Over paintable
  • Contains no isocynates
  • Simulates the original OE finish
  • Odourless
  • Available in various pack size options

APPLICATION: Internal / External badge & emblem bonding

Recommendation: CROSSTAPE 170 High tack Acrylic tape
Key Values:

  • Immediate & permanent fixation
  • Excellent temperature application range
  • Primerless adhesion
  • High UV resistance and non moisture dependant
  • Suitable for all types environments
  • 12mm & 25mm width available.

APPLICATION: Stone chip coating protection

Recommendation: Noxudol 1100
Key Values:

  • Water based system with no VOC’s
  • Excellent adhesion to bare metals
  • Easy spray-able
  • Fast curing performance
  • Over paintable
  • Available in 1 litre canisters, 20 litre pails & 200 litre drums
  • Possible alternative: Noxudol 910L (solvent based)

APPLICATION: Cavity Wax sealing

Recommendation: Noxudol 700
Key Values:

  • Non solvent formulation
  • Provides superb anti corrosive properties
  • Excellent penetration
  • Developed for cavities large or small
  • Retains a soft non cured finish for long lasting protection
  • Available in 1 litre canisters, 20 litre pails & 200 litre drums

APPLICATION: Paint & Body-shop Consumable ranges

Recommendation: Crosslink provides quality range of paint-shop & Body-shop ranges
Key Values:

  • Latest Paint & Body shop consumables, designed to meet the needs of the professional body-shop
  • Masking systems
  • Abrasive systems
  • PPE products
  • Full and comprehensive Engine Oils & Antifreeze ranges
  • Grease & Penetrating oils & thread-lock & contact adhesives
  • Full quality range of valeting & car care ranges