Vehicle Glass Removal


Glass removal made easy

Single technician tool saving money on each job.

Wibotec3The value of Wibotec

Example of the ability of the tool:

  • VW Caddy removal in appox 8 minutes (with set up time).
  • Set up time only 2 minutes.
  • Use of wire - only 0.6 metres on average per job.
  • Pays for itself within first couple of days in use
  • Works with all vehicle types
  • Provides an excellent removal with the new triangular wire
  • Provides non damage to aperture when used correctly
  • Ideal with primerless to cut-PU adhesive system
  • Gives the technician an additional hand
  • Minimum of training required
  • Quality: made in Denmark

Wibotec is a very cost effective way of quickly introducing the wire technique to your employees without high captial equipment outlay.

Wibotec kit